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Approach, Methodology

Approach & Methodology

As part of our strategy practice at Matli Group, we developed a proprietary methodology for approaching brand development, rebranding, repositioning, licensing and go-to-market launches. Using a positioning framework developed by Interbrand UK for brand valuation, we created processes to develop the specific components of brand value...


Case Study: Hagerty

Hagerty is the largest private insurer of vintage, collectible cars in the US – and beloved by its devoted customers. Although Hagerty knew its customers were passionate about cars, they'd never segmented and profiled them to find specific new channels to engage them in. Using cluster analysis, we developed a profile-based strategy to help Hagerty grow


Case Study: Capitol Studios

When we were hired by Capitol Studios to reposition and relaunch its brand to the music industry, there was a real concern that the iconic Hollywood institution might be shut down and turned into an apartment building. Two years later, Capitol Studios had become the crown jewel in EMI Music’s holdings and the adopted symbol of the label with new revenue streams, a new VIP customer experience and ROI-driving business segmentation…


Case Study: Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain's Entertainment Services division has the distinction of housing the original masters from every major movie studio and every major music label. That's the original recordings of much of Western culture.... but only their current clients knew it. IMES hired us to identify new markets, create messaging and develop testimonial videos, website content and sales materials to expand...

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Case Study: LeapFrog

I was hired by LeapFrog to oversee all marketing execution and brand touchpoints. My KPIs were to increase the brand’s relevance with millennial moms and improve operational efficiency across all marketing and brand operations. Within two years, LeapFrog had moved from 6th to 2nd most trusted brand by millennial moms. Creative and Marketing execution had higher ROI per piece produced and operated at 40% of the original budget with the same volume of workflow… and 3x employee satisfaction.


Case Study: Parasail Health

See the consumer insights, market research, user journey maps, and product user testing that helped launch a fin-tech startup into the healthcare space and grow rapidly in its first year.


Strategy Mini Case Studies

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Warner Bros Classic Properties Licensing Strategy

Oceans 11 Franchise Licensing Strategy

Abercrombie & Fitch Social Media Launch Strategy

Lego Apparel Launch Strategy

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