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About Matli Consulting LLC

That picture on the right is not where I work... it's a stock image, but it looks great so I'm keeping it. I am a single-person consultant that uses an extensive network of freelance specialists to delivery agency-level strategy, consumer insights, consulting, product development and creative execution for a fraction of the cost of hiring an agency with an office like the one shown here. 

I won't repeat my full resume because it's already organized nicely on my LinkedIn page here... Please do click through the case studies on this site to get a sense of what kind of work I can help you with.

I'm always up for new projects if they're interesting (and aren't a conflict of interest with someone else I'm working with obviously) – so feel free to reach out and connect! Either way, thanks for visiting.

Send me a message, and I'll contact you to arrange a call:


Thanks! Message sent.

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