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Farmville Brand Guidelines & Licensing Pitch Development

client: Zynga Games

Creating a licensable brand out of a video game phenomina

As the largest social media game in the world (and the original Facebook

game), it was only inevitable that FarmVille would want to create a licensing program. Matli Group was happy to help their licensing agent Brandgenuity. But first they needed core brand guidelines, copy parameters, licensing opportunity and positioning analysis and pitch materials to run the idea past retailers and licensees. The answer from the market was a resounding “yes”, so a new product and packaging styleguide was developed quickly for deployment into the market.


Project included: Licensing opportunity and brand positioning analysis, core brand identity guides, brand vision and licensing core brand development (including product concepts, product and packaging style guides and retail pitch kits)

Project was led by licensing agent Brandgenuity who developed the core licensing strategy on behalf of Zynga.

The analysis identified 4 distinct types of FarmVille fans which each wanted a different experience from the brand – and represented different revenue-extension opportunities.

Sample Creative: Brand, Product, Packaging Style Guides & Pitches

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