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Hacker Noon – Blockchain D-Apps are a Threat to Corporations – So how will They React?

Originally published in Hacker Noon

A lot’s been written about blockchain technology. And by now, most people are at least peripherally aware of how it could be used to speed up and lower the cost of banking transactions for things like currency exchange across borders. Or they’ve heard about how it can help create contracts in places where parties don’t currently trust each other… or replace sovereign nation currencies with new ones where no political party controls monetary policy. If you’d like a quick refresher, here’s a good primer on all that. But while most journalists have focused on these financial use cases — or just remained glued to the volatile tickers of the most popular cryptocurrency tokens — a revolution has started taking shape under their noses. And depending on how this new generation of blockchain projects shake out, we could be living in very different versions of the future....

Link to full article on Hacker Noon:

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